• i want it all

    This 90 minute facial also includes an anti-aging Vitamin C Hand Treatment, Firming Eye Treatment, and an O2 Infusion and/or LED Light Therapy. The pampering continues with a wonderful neck and shoulder massage.

  • sun undone vitamin c infused facial*

    This is an anti-aging treatment for environmentally damaged skin. Formulated with 30% pure vitamin C and patented skin repair system. This facial will intensely stimulate collagen synthesis and provide antioxidant protection.

    *Can be done as a separate anti-aging hand treatment.

  • medi-infusion facial*

    This facial consists of cleansing, enzyme exfoliation followed by a mixture of high potency retinaldehyde. It will be customized by adding power actives for your specific concerns and goals.

    *Facial Infusion generates a 30-day collagen production increase. As a result, your skin will continue to be in repair mode for 30 days post treatment.

  • Bare it "back facial"

    Back “facials” are beneficial in treating those hard to reach places. Targeting a variety of needs such as clogged pores, back acne and dry skin. This treatment mimics many traditional techniques of a facial and incorporates cleansing, analyzing, extractions, massage and mask.

Microcurrent Facials

Microcurrent Facials
  • It's a workout microcurrent facial*

    Microcurrent is a natural, non-invasive and holistic approach to facial toning and tightening (think of a non-invasive face lift). Effectively diminishing fine lines and wrinkles with no downtime whatsoever. It encourages your muscles to rejuvenate, heal and rebuild. Results are immediate and cumulative.

    *Best results are achieved while booked in a series.

  • hands-on with a kick
    facial contouring massage with microcurrent

    This is the most advanced anti-aging treatment offered at Glowing Skin Care.

    Facial contouring massage is a non-invasive method of enhancing skin health. This technique will lift and contour facial muscles with massage, lymphatic drainage, and fascia release. Benefits include increased circulation, decreased puffiness and inflammation, improved texture and skin tone.

Additional Treatments

Supplemental treatments to enhance your facial results.

Spa candles and towels
  • epidermal nano infusion

    Nano infusion is a tool that enhances product absorption to create immediate and visible results with no downtime. This unique device gently creates a series of micro channels that drive active ingredients deep into the surface layers without harming the skin. Add this to your facial and take your skin to the next level.

  • led light therapy

    LED light therapy delivers light energy to the skin and cells. The light is UV-free and beneficial for stimulating the body’s natural healing process. This treatment will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase blood circulation and destroy bacteria found in acne.

  • 02 therapy

    O2 Therapy is designed to nourish your skin and promote a supreme level of hydration. It involves a light dusting of a serum comprised of minerals, antioxidants and nutrients. The oxygen is then applied (sprayed) onto the skin and pushing all of those luxurious ingredients into the epidermis. This is how we get your Red Carpet glow!

  • radiant hand treatment

    Vitamin C Infusion is a luxurious and potent anti-aging treatment that will help re-build collagen and lighten dark spots on the hands. Your hands will be exfoliated and brightened in a single treatment.

  • radiant neck, hand, and décolleté treatment

    Vitamin C Infusion is a luxurious and potent anti-aging treatment that will help re-build collagen and lighten dark spots. You will be exfoliated and brightened in a single treatment.

Virtual Consultation

a woman scheduling a virtual consultation
  • Can't come in for a consultation? No problem!

    Heading to the Department Store or worse yet, the Drug Store, only to be overwhelmed and possibly over-sold when looking to take care of your skin? Chances are you, you won't find the results you are looking to achieve.

    Book a consultation with me and we can discuss your skincare needs and goals; jump on FaceTime or Zoom and let's get busy. Consultation is $50/30 minutes. Purchase $150 in products and your consultation fee is waived.

Please call (818) 521-0700 for more information.

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